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What is Elmwood?

Named by the Master Builders Association of Victoria as the “best integrated housing development in Australia”, Elmwood is a multi-award winning, residential development in Wodonga created by Triquest Corporation Pty Ltd. Triquest is owned by Wodonga residents, Henry Dinning and Brendon Collins.

Armed with a vision to make Australian homes greener, safer and more energy efficient, Henry and Brendon set out in 2002 to build the landmark development.

Their philosophy is simple: to build elegant, sustainable homes and create meaningful lifestyles that challenge the architectural and urban living status quo.

The best integrated housing development in Australia

A landmark new
development project

Urban Sustainable Design

When you choose an Elmwood home, you know you’ll be given a sophisticated, comfortable and efficient home of the highest quality.

Elmwood’s environmentally-friendly construction and stunning sustainable design is second to none.


Why choose Elmwood?

Beyond the awards, here’s some of the features and benefits you’ll enjoy when you purchase an Elmwood townhouse in Wodonga:

Low stamp duty

Buying straight off the plan at Elmwood means significant stamp duty savings and more money in your pocket to live the retirement or lifestyle you desire.

Fix price contract

Secure an impressive, stand alone title with no body corporate and a fixed price contract. Electricity, gas, water and telephone connections are covered with no secret costs and no more to pay. What you see is what you get.

No progress payments

We offer ‘turnkey’ house and land packages with no hidden or extra fees and no progress payments. You simply pay a 10% deposit and the balance is due on completion. Everything is done for you – ready for you to move in, relax and soak up the tranquility.

Low maintenance

Our classic townhouses are designed to soften your ecological footprint without sacrificing individual creature comforts. All of our gracefully landscaped homes are 100% focused on ease, comfort, affordability and a low maintenance lifestyle.

Free Landscaping

Flowing public spaces and smart landscaping form an aesthetic backbone for the entire Elmwood precinct, all at no extra cost. Each individual home weaves seamlessly into the very tapestry of the community with front and rear yards, driveways and pathways fully landscaped.

Award winning sustainable design

A highly energy efficient home design keeps you comfortable year-round and reduces your home’s running costs. Move into an award-winning development with seven to nine star energy ratings (or above) and passive solar design meaning more natural light, high thermal comfort, a smaller carbon footprint and lower energy bills.

Our homes are custom made for you

We understand how important it is to make your home feel unique and comfortable.

That’s why every Elwood townhouse is tailored to your tastes and desires. First class workmanship, thoughtful design and quality fixtures are embedded in every Elmwood townhouse, producing a home of outstanding value.

Once you have selected the floor plan that best suits your lifestyle, the fun begins. Our personalised interior designer will work with you to develop colours and finishes to match your personal taste.

From tiles to fixtures, colours to carpets and blinds to benchtops, the expert design team consults with you and our preferred local suppliers to ensure a wide range of personal choice without compromising on quality, finish, price and design.

You will fall
in love with

Jeff Baker, Resident

The precinct: everything at your fingertips

The Elmwood vision is to create a community-oriented, sustainable neighbourhood close to the heart of Wodonga that improves your quality of life. Our greatest reward is in seeing that vision take flight.

Inspired by classic Australian architecture, the Elmwood complex embodies a timeless elegance and calm continuity throughout.

With Elmwood, we’ve considered all of the things that really matter: the design and layout of the streets, the “line of sight” from neighbours, driveway/garage access from rear lanes, private, landscaped hedging and careful tree placement to provide boundaries without obstructing your views.

Individual designs are imbued with a subtle sense of balance make walking down the street feel “just right”.

Within the Elmwood neighbourhood, or just a short walk away, residents can access first class services and amenities which simplify day to day life.

Be part of a

The community: Meet your neighbours

There are few developments in the world where the local master builder and creator can pop in for a cup of tea and help you create the home of your dreams.

This is the kind of community we’ve created at Elmwood.

The people who live here, and the people who built it, are acutely aware of their surrounds, their neighbours, their community and the greater environment. Residents care about maintaining an easy, supportive, friendly and liveable atmosphere.

Brendon Collins is actively involved in the community, offering up the wisdom of his expertise and comprehensive building knowledge to ensure the future comfort and wellbeing of all residents.

The pretty public spaces, cafe and vegetable garden all offer a chance to tap into the community and say hi to your neighbours. Harking back to the days of the old corner store, the Elmwood café is a place to meet friends and locals so close to your door that you can smell the coffee brewing. Drop into your ‘local’ for a wholesome cooked breakfast, enjoy a light lunch or relax in the courtyard with coffee and cake.

This gorgeous precinct is at once private and connected, homogenous and diverse, lively and peaceful. It’s a neighbourhood you’ll be proud to call home.

The place: where urban culture and the great outdoors collide

Described as a ‘rich urban life in a fresh country setting’, Albury-Wodonga is just 3.5 hours drive away from Melbourne city and and a pleasant day trip to the Snowy Mountains, Victoria High Country, nearby wineries, glittering lakes, cultural delights and countryside gems.

Set off on exhilarating outdoor adventures such as fishing, canoeing and camping, relax in the botanical gardens or leave your car behind and walk or cycle to local shows, festivals, galleries, exhibitions and farmers’ markets.

Whether it’s a tree change for your family, a search for the perfect retirement spot or you’re downsizing and skipping the rat race, discover the best of both worlds in Albury Wodonga, where urban chic meets country charm and breathtaking natural beauty is just outside your front door.

Get in while you can!

This is your chance to become part of the community. A part of history. A part of the future.

Time is running out to live in your dream home in a stunning part of regional Australia, just a few hours from the city of Melbourne, 90 mins from the premier ski fields of Falls Creek and 6 hours’ drive (or a short flight) from Sydney.

There’s only seven homes left for sale! Enquire about the last remaining Albury-Wodonga townhomes for sale now.



Elmwood for

Discover Elmwood for yourself and take a private tour of the property with the Master Builder and Managing Director, Brendon Collins.

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