Why choose Elmwood?

In the words of Grand Designs presenter, Kevin McCloud, a building ought to hum with the positive energy and commitment it took to build it.

Elmwood is that kind of place.

Infused with the passion and heart of its creator, Brendon Collins (OAM), Elmwood hums with the energy of a place that’s made to last. It rustles with the lightness of its footprint. It buzzes with the vitality of its residents.

Add in award winning sustainable homes and considerable dollar savings and Elmwood just makes sense.

“At its heart, Elmwood is about people, community and the environment. People need to feel connected to where they live. That’s why we’ve designed thoughtful, comfortable, low maintenance and environmentally aware homes in a beautifully landscaped setting that fosters a strong sense of place and belonging. I truly believe that when we feel like we belong, we can all live a happy and balanced life.”
Brendon Collins, Master Builder

A remarkable, groundbreaking development, Elmwood has also received the deserved praise of the building industry.

The combination of high quality construction, commitment to sustainable design, value for money and a strong community focus has resulted in Elmwood being given the Victorian Master Builders’ Excellence in Housing Award Association in 2013 and the North East Victorian Regional Master Builders Award for best integrated housing development in 2013.

Over 60 of Victoria’s most influential architects and designers have visited Elmwood as a case study in medium density energy efficient construction, a testament to the level of care and commitment Brendon Collins and his team have given to the creation of affordable, high quality, sustainable homes in regional Australia.

Beyond the awards, here’s some of the features and benefits you’ll enjoy when you purchase an Elmwood townhouse in Wodonga:

“People really care about each other at Elmwood. There’s a wonderful community atmosphere and even our friends who don’t live here often meet us at the Elmwood cafe. The complex is beautifully maintained and our home is energy efficient, economical and full of natural light. We love living here. We wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”

Ron and Loretta Boland
Elmwood Residents

Low stamp duty

Buying straight off the plan at Elmwood means significant stamp duty savings and more money in your pocket to live the retirement or lifestyle you desire.

Low maintenance

Our classic townhouses are designed to soften your ecological footprint without sacrificing individual creature comforts. All of our gracefully landscaped homes are 100% focused on ease, comfort, affordability and a low maintenance lifestyle.

No progress payments

We offer ‘turnkey’ house and land packages with no hidden or extra fees and no progress payments. You simply pay a 10% deposit and the balance is due on completion. Everything is done for you – ready for you to move in, relax and soak up the tranquility.

Free Landscaping

Flowing public spaces and smart landscaping form an aesthetic backbone for the entire Elmwood precinct, all at no extra cost. Each individual home weaves seamlessly into the very tapestry of the community with front and rear yards, driveways and pathways fully landscaped.

Fix price contract

Secure an impressive, stand alone title with no body corporate and a fixed price contract. Electricity, gas, water and telephone connections are covered with no secret costs and no more to pay. What you see is what you get.

Award winning sustainable design

A highly energy efficient home design keeps you comfortable year-round and reduces your home’s running costs. Move into an award-winning development with seven to nine star energy ratings (or above) and passive solar design meaning more natural light, high thermal comfort, a smaller carbon footprint and lower energy bills.